Sean Parker famously convinced artist David Choe to take stock instead of cash for painting the walls of Facebook’s first office. Now, that stock is worth $200 million.

This was back in 2005, when Facebook was just a startup. According to an interview Choe had with Howard Stern in 2014, Sean Parker – the founding president of Facebook – had been a fan of Choe’s work for some time.

So when Facebook’s first office needed decorating, Parker called on Choe.

As a college-focused social network, Mark Zuckerberg’s company was everything Choe, who had dropped out of school and had no interest in anything like MySpace or Friendster, hated.

Choe had been charging more and more for his work, but having just come out of prison , he was broke. So, he asked Facebook for $60,000 to decorate the whole building. But instead of the cash, he walked away with stock, and no guarantees Facebook would amount to anything.

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