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Australia uses the motion of the ocean to generate zero-emission electricity.

It’s not the size of the buoy that counts. It’s the motion in the ocean. Actually, both are pretty important. At least, they are when...
Cotton candy

Cotton candy, notoriously bad for the teeth, was co-invented by a dentist.

William James Morrison (1860–1926) was a dentist and inventor from Nashville, Tennessee, who is best known for developing the cotton candy machine. Morrison was an...
100 million years

A Spider caching a was in its web about 100 million years ago.

Researchers from the Faculty of Life Sciences at The University of Manchester can now confirm that the existence of DNA in amber fossils is...

Meet Ehang 184, Your Personal Automated Air Transport Vehicle.

Numerous science fiction films have presented the idea of flying cars and other devices for air transport of humans. In movies, these aircrafts are...
match burningvideo

This video of a match burning in slow motion is a must watch.

UltraSlo Studios created this video by slowing down the match burning action to 4,000 frames per second. The company, founded by Alan Teitel a...

Anti-Paparazzi scarf makes flash photography impossible.

Avoiding the paparazzi usually involves celebrities covering their faces or surrounding themselves with body guards, but why do that when you can just toss...

The World’s most Dangerous and deadly viruses.

Dangerous and deadly viruses have been affecting the human race for as long as we have existed, yet as the world continues to grow...

myfridgefood.com lets you enter your fridge ingredients and tells you what to make.

A website called myfridgefood.com lets you enter whatever ingredients you have in your fridge and tells you what you can make with them.

According to scientists, This is the most relaxing tune ever recorded.

This eight minute song is a beautiful combination of arranged harmonies, rhythms and bass lines and thus helps to slow the heart rate, reduce...

App solves math, by simply directing your smartphone camera at the equation.

For some one growing up and attending preliminary school, one subject that can be a tad difficult for most is mathematics, its equations, fractions,...
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