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Chinese guy sold his kidney to buy iPhone and iPad.

Hell yes!! you read it right a chinese student sold his kidney to buy iPhone and iPad. His name is Xiao Zheng and he is...
ipads retina display

Apple iPad’s retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung.

Despite being fierce competitors and opponents in the courtroom, Apple and Samsung remain important partners, with Samsung reportedly supplying more than half of all...

Google “site:edu [subject] exam” to find college exam.

Google "site:edu exam" to find college exam featuring problem pertaining to that subject.

Everything you say to Siri is sent to Apple, analyzed and stored.

All of those questions, messages, and stern commands that people have been whispering to Siri are stored on Apple servers for up to two...
apples brand

Apple’s brand is worth US$118.9 billion. It is the world’s most valuable brand.

Apple is the world's largest information technology company by revenue, the world's largest technology company by total assets, and the world's second-largest mobile phone...

Having your computer delivered in the 1950s.

Apparently this was an Elliott 405.
laptop keyboardvideo

This 1995 laptop keyboard is way cooler than what we have today!

Sometimes even the most thoughtful designs and engineering feats are preordained to fail. Such is the case with IBM's Butterfly Keyboard (aka the TrackWrite),...

The first computer mouse was wooden.

The computer mouse: undeniably the cutest of the gadget world. The small, clickable tool is the reason we can browse social networks, search Google,...

Internet Users Send 204 Million Emails Per Minute.

A lot can happen in 60 seconds. A decent typist can write approximately 80 words, the Wright brothers can make their historical first flight...

There used to be fake Apple stores in China, even staff were convinced they...

A total of 22 fake Apple stores have been uncovered in one Chinese city. Authorities in Kunming began searching out the copycats after pictures of...
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