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Shadow of Alien like Creature sighted on the Moon.

Conspiracy theorists have always been fascinated by dark secrets they believe are hidden on the moon. One YouTube user for example, believes he has...
International Space Station

The International Space Station Has A 24/7 Live Stream. Watch live Here!

The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable satellite launched on October 31 2000. It’s the longest on record for having continued human occupation....

There exists a species of Lizard which shoots blood from its eye as a...

The ‘Horned Lizard’ is a master survivor. They have developed three effective methods to avoid being eaten by predators. One of the basic survival methods...

Meet Ehang 184, Your Personal Automated Air Transport Vehicle.

Numerous science fiction films have presented the idea of flying cars and other devices for air transport of humans. In movies, these aircrafts are...
longest catvideo

The longest cat ever measured 48.5 inches (1.23 m) when fully stretched out.

Sad news reached the Guinness World Records offices today, with confirmation that Stewie, the record holder for world's longest domestic cat, had passed away. Stewie...

The deadliest animal on earth are mosquitoes.

The deadliest animal on earth are mosquitoes with more deaths attached to them every year than any other animal in the world. When asked about...
word love eye

A woman has a blood vessel in her eye that spells out the word...

Woman has 'love' written with a blood vessel in her eye. She's got love in her eyes. Literally. A Redditor says that her mom has...

$1.5 Million President’s armored limo, aka “The Beast”

$1.5 Million President’s armored limo, aka “The Beast”
match burningvideo

This video of a match burning in slow motion is a must watch.

UltraSlo Studios created this video by slowing down the match burning action to 4,000 frames per second. The company, founded by Alan Teitel a...
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