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Shadow of Alien like Creature sighted on the Moon.

Conspiracy theorists have always been fascinated by dark secrets they believe are hidden on the moon. One YouTube user for example, believes he has...

There exists a species of Lizard which shoots blood from its eye as a...

The ‘Horned Lizard’ is a master survivor. They have developed three effective methods to avoid being eaten by predators. One of the basic survival methods...
laptop keyboardvideo

This 1995 laptop keyboard is way cooler than what we have today!

Sometimes even the most thoughtful designs and engineering feats are preordained to fail. Such is the case with IBM's Butterfly Keyboard (aka the TrackWrite),...

$1.5 Million President’s armored limo, aka “The Beast”

$1.5 Million President’s armored limo, aka “The Beast”

Sony Is Going to Develop Smart Contact Lenses That Will Record Video with Your...

Technology is a miraculous thing. No one imagined that humans would be able to fly one day. But new inventions are taking place every...

Meet Dindim, the penguin who returns to his rescuer every year.

Since they met in 2011, the creature, which normally breeds on the Patagonia coasts of Argentina and Chile, three to five thousand miles away,...

The deadliest animal on earth are mosquitoes.

The deadliest animal on earth are mosquitoes with more deaths attached to them every year than any other animal in the world. When asked about...

App solves math, by simply directing your smartphone camera at the equation.

For some one growing up and attending preliminary school, one subject that can be a tad difficult for most is mathematics, its equations, fractions,...
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