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Meet Dindim, the penguin who returns to his rescuer every year.

Since they met in 2011, the creature, which normally breeds on the Patagonia coasts of Argentina and Chile, three to five thousand miles away,...

How Music would look like if it could actually be seen.

A new scientific ‘tool’ will help you see what music looks like and it depicts sound waves while in water. Every note appears to...

The deadliest animal on earth are mosquitoes.

The deadliest animal on earth are mosquitoes with more deaths attached to them every year than any other animal in the world. When asked about...
word love eye

A woman has a blood vessel in her eye that spells out the word...

Woman has 'love' written with a blood vessel in her eye. She's got love in her eyes. Literally. A Redditor says that her mom has...

Meet Ehang 184, Your Personal Automated Air Transport Vehicle.

Numerous science fiction films have presented the idea of flying cars and other devices for air transport of humans. In movies, these aircrafts are...

Watching a can of Coca Cola get destroyed by lava is totally Amazing!

This is definitely something you don’t come across every day. Lavapix uploaded a video on You Tube to show us how a can of...

$1.5 Million President’s armored limo, aka “The Beast”

$1.5 Million President’s armored limo, aka “The Beast”
laptop keyboardvideo

This 1995 laptop keyboard is way cooler than what we have today!

Sometimes even the most thoughtful designs and engineering feats are preordained to fail. Such is the case with IBM's Butterfly Keyboard (aka the TrackWrite),...

Sony Is Going to Develop Smart Contact Lenses That Will Record Video with Your...

Technology is a miraculous thing. No one imagined that humans would be able to fly one day. But new inventions are taking place every...

View the Earth as seen from the International Space Station

Incredible videos have been made with photos from the International Space Station but none is quite like this one. “This is Our Planet” was created...
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