Cyprus mouflon or agrino became a different and endemic subspecies known as the Cyprus mouflon. The Cyprus mouflon population contains only about 3,000 animals. They are now rare on the islands, but are classified as feral animals by the IUCN.agrino
It’s the national symbol, but you may never see it. Cyprus’s mouflon “Agrino” is one shy sheep. It was once considered vermin, so you can’t entirely blame hunters for its demise.
By the 1930s there were only 15 mouflon, technically a subspecies of wild sheep, left on the island.agrino
But conservation programs mean there are now thousands — somewhere.
A couple of small herds are kept under protection. One is at Stavros tis Psorkas on the west side of the Troodos mountains — but, even here, the animals keep a low profile.
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