Is nothing private? Facebook tracks which sites 800m users visit… even AFTER they sign off.
Facebook is tracking which sites its 800million users visit – even after they have signed out, a new report has revealed.

Company employees are also able to watch where people who are not members of the social-networking site go online, if they have just viewed Facebook once.

Critics have expressed serious concern about the practice and called for tighter regulations to protect internet users’ privacy.

‘Facebook could be tracking users without knowledge or permission, which could be an unfair or deceptive business practice,’ Representative for Massachusetts Ed Markey told USA Today.

The site has explained for the first time how it uses two types of cookies to log the extensive data in a series of interviews with USA Today.

The tracking means that every time an internet user being followed clicks on to a third-party page which has a Facebook plug-in attached, such as the popular ‘Like’ widget, a record is sent back to the company.

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