In Dubai you can get a helicopter instead of a taxi.


For those throwing down the AED2,250 (about $612) per person, they can be assured that the ride will not disappoint. Passengers will get door-to-door Uber service from their pickup location to a helipad where they’ll grab a seat on an Agusta 109E Power helicopter. The helicopters sit six people so if you’re down for a “casual jaunt” to the Grand Prix with your buddies, this could be the move.

Dubai isn’t the first place where UberCHOPPER has been offered; the luxury service has been sporadically available at major events for the past couple years, but it’s clear that it’s something Uber is only going to continue experimenting with. Earlier this month, Uber Manila offered Filipino citizens the chance to take a free UberCHOPPER ride around the city.

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