Pictures of the house of a Mexican Drug Lord after it was raided.


These are astounding pictures of Mexican Drug Lord, After Being Raided. Inside the house, the authorities found a collection of guns that would not be a match for any museum in the world. Some were made of solid gold while others were Titanium. Most of them were not meant for firing and were just objects of art. One matched pair of guns was found with a golden Virgin Mary on the handle inscribed ‘Go and Kill in the name of the Lord my son‘. There was also ample ammo available, just in case any trouble started.

Money found in the house was packed in every corner of the house including wardrobes, plastic bins and suitcases. It was a total of 22 billion dollars in cash when counted. Most of it was in US Dollars, some in Mexican pesos, Euros, Chinese Yen and Hong Kong dollars. They also found a mountain of jewels that was of unknown value, 1 lab of unknown value in construction and 7 vehicles.

Apart from the cash, the authorities found a man made cave that had a built in hot tub in the house and a backyard pool. The drug Lord also kept some exotic animals that were being taken care of in a grand way. Strangely enough he also kept a total of 8 lions on the property. A rare type of tiger was also found and some pumas. He also had a collection of exotic art that was either illegally owned or stolen.

The money found could have been enough to cater for 12 years health insurance of men, women and children in the USA. It’s believed that another 27 houses like this one are available in Mexico alone. If you calculate others in other countries that are available due to illicit drug trade, then the number increases. These drug dealers make so much money- It could buy some cops, the best politicians, judges and anyone who would help them with their deals. This is one of the reasons why it’s so hard to fight the drug problem.

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