The driest place on Earth has seen no rain for nearly 2 million years.


When people asks where the driest place on Earth is, our mind immediately starts juggling between the names of deserts. Yet, surprisingly the driest place on the Earth is in Antarctica. The place is called Dry Valleys and it hasn’t seen any rain for nearly 2 million years. The net gain of water in this region is zero. Lake Bonney in the Dry Valleys is covered with 3 to 5 meters of ice permanently and mummified bodies of seals have been found around this lake.

The Dry Valleys spreads over an area of 4800 square kilometers and there is almost no ice, water or snow. There is no precipitation and rain in Dry Valley. The reason behind the lack of rain is the Katabatic winds. The katabatic winds flow from the mountains and are laden with moisture. It becomes so heavy with moisture that it is pulled down due to gravity and hence it cannot reach the valley.

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