The Microscope for your Pocket.


Apps like Twitter and Instagramm let us share what we have for dinner as well as the silly moments of our pets. Its undeniable: With the invention of the Smartphone, Photography has changed; it became more accessible and a big part of our daily life. But yet again the creativity of an inventive mind has taken the concept of mobile Picture-taking to a whole new level – literally: Thomas Larson will turn your Phone into a Microscope!
It doesn’t look like much, in fact, you could easily overlook it. Yet the tiny lens holds a capability, that you would not expect: Six Millimeter in Size, capable to magnify objects up to 60x. The basic magnification (without the camera zoom) amounts to 15x. With that kind of optical support you can already satisfy some curiosity and get amazing pictures full of detail.

This bizarre trout parasite was recently documented by the Whitewater Creek Conservation Association by using the Micro Phone Lens. What will you discover?
Simple Use and great Results

How? Simply press the Lens directly onto the phones camera and start the devices application. Adjust the Focus and you are ready to go. The unscratchable lens stays sticky “forever”, promises its creator. If it gets dusty a simple rinse with soap will do the trick. This is possible through the patent pending platinum catalyzed silicone technology.

Mechanical Engineer Larson: “This is a project that I’ve been working on for over a year now. There have been plenty of ups and downs, and now it’s finally time to make the Micro Phone Lens available to the public.”

In August he started his own Kickstarter-Campaign with the modest wish to achieve $5,000 to get started. But at the time of this article the only 22-year old graduate of the University of Washington already scored $50,000, paid by almost 3,000 supporters! With such an overwhelming response the lens proved, that demand exists. For Larson, who views the project as his first step into the post-educational world, future looks bright and he already announced to create a 150x version of his invention. He believes, a cheap and portable microscope of this kind could not only be used for entertaining purposes, but also provide possibilities for health and disease prevention in the developing world.

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