Roger Williams found the Rhode Island and established the first Baptist church in America in 1638. It occupies the land area of 1045 square miles. Though it is the smallest state in America in size but it still attracts number of tourists due to its extensive shoreline and pleasant weather. Rhode Island is the smallest island with the longest name The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Rhode Island entered the list of the union on 29th of May, 1790 and became the 13th and the last state to do so. Rhode Island has no interference of government only 39 municipalities exercise their control. It got its name from the Greek Island of Rhodes and was nicknamed the Ocean State. The state has 15 state parks and 10 state beaches. It has a very less land area, dense population but still 60% of it is covered with forests. It is the main jewelry making center of the America that makes fine silver jewelry and wares. The Rhode Island is well known for its shoreline and moderate climate; making it a point of tourist attraction. It was here that Polo was played for the first time near Newport in 1876 and year 1774 witnessed the first circus of the United States in Newport. In 1899 it hosted the Lawn Tennis played at National level for the first time. The population of the state is a combination of the Italian, the Irish, the English, the French and the Portuguese and the religions practiced here are mainly Christianity and the Jewish.

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