There is a planet “Gliese 436b”, which is covered in burning ice.


In 2007 an exoplanet named Gliese 436b was discovered. It orbits the red dwarf Gliese 436 and its size is the same as planet Neptune. The temperature of this planet is 712 K (439 degrees C) which indicates that this planet is very close to its star. This high temperature indicates that water in any form could not exist on its surface. But, this planet breaks all rules by being covered in ice, solid ice. This exotic form of water ice is known as “Ice-x” which covers a rocky core. This ice is unlike any other as it can remain solid even during the super hot temperature of 439 degrees. The immense gravity of this planet compresses the water molecules and turns it into ice. Its extreme gravity also prevents the ice from turning back into liquid form.

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