This video of a match burning in slow motion is a must watch.


UltraSlo Studios created this video by slowing down the match burning action to 4,000 frames per second. The company, founded by Alan Teitel a cinematographer, slows down footage of happenings so that viewers get to appreciate the world around them. According to their website, they specialize in ‘creating unique images in slow motion and 3d.’

According to the YouTube description; they shot the slow motion sequence of a burning match using a Phantom Miro 4 camera @ 4000 FPS.

‘As you can see this is an extremely tight shot. There was over 2000 watts of light within 4 inches (10 CM) of the match with mirrors and reflectors too.’

What you see happen in an instant when you light a match with a torch takes a while on the screen. The match looks like a “dying alien world” but it’s in fact a chemical reaction.

“The heat generated from the phosphorus is enough to break down potassium chlorate, and in the process, it releases oxygen. This oxygen combines with sulfur, allowing the flame to thrive long enough for us to light a candle or barbecue.”
Who thought watching a hot match could be this awesome?

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