Your smartphone has more germs than a toilet seat.


Remember the last time you used your smartphone? The answer is probably going to be seconds ago. Our life has become so much dependent on smartphones that we need it in every phase of our life. Routine swab tests of these smartphones have revealed that the level of germs found on smartphone surpasses that of a toilet seat. Hence, we are basically in a constant contact with an object that is a lot more unhygienic than a toilet seat.

The level of germs on our smartphone increases when we handle it with the same hand with which we have handled food. It also increases when smartphones become our companion in the toilet. Some people do not wash their hands regularly and it affects the germ count on smartphones. To prevent germs from residing on our phones, we must wipe it regularly with antibacterial wipes instead of your shirt sleeve or dry cloth. Also, if you are using a phone while eating then tip it upside down and shake it to remove food crumbs.

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